Our goal is to sustain a long-term creative relationship with the Oax-i-fornia collective through the development of special projects that have craft at their core, using traditional techniques and materials for contemporary applications.

our approach

Headed by Raul Cabra, the studio provides design services in interiors, graphics and product development for clients in Mexico and abroad.

n the Oax-i-fornia spirit, we use collaboration, play and exploration as an avenue to create solutions. We also take inspiration from the visual subtleties and vernacular of Oaxaca and Mexico, aiming to keep traditional making alive through contemporary design and applications. It is our goal to educate and be educated by the experience of working hands-on with artisans, chefs, entrepreneurs, and other creative individuals from a local, sustainable and socially responsible position.


our client collaborations

S T O R E S : We have worked with high-end retailers who hope to develop exclusive lines of hand-made luxury products in Oaxaca. We provide 11 years of experience and relationships with over 45 artisan families working in a wide range of materials. We serve as guides for visits to artisan workshops; offer design expertise and oversight from prototype development to final production; and provide packing and transportation logistics.

H O S P I T A L I T Y : We work with chefs, restaurant owners and small boutique hotels to develop objectsthat will reflect a sense of locality and hand-crafted quality for their guests. Our collaborations range from creating a single serving piece to an entire environment, always in concert with the concept and philosophy of the particular establishment.

A R C H I T E C T SA N DD E S I G N E R S:  We assist other design professionals to develop hand-crafted solutions, providing know-how and design experience with artisanal materials, as well as overseeing development of the final pieces.

P R I V A T EC L I E N T S:  We can work with individuals in private or residential projects, as a full service design studio.


partial client list

Casa Oaxaca Hotel
Casa Oaxaca Restaurante
Casa Oaxaca Cafe
     Alejandro Ruiz
    Elena Reygadas
Maiz de Mar
Maria Fernanda Boutique Hotel
Hotel Quinta Real Oaxaca
Hotel Quinta Real Aguas Calientes
March, SF, CA.
The Gardener, Berkeley, CA.
Shed, Healdsburg, CA.
Quitokeeto, SF, CA.
Hotel San Cristobal